Trends 2017 Half Bath Remodel

Half Bath Remodel Floor

Half bath remodel – How to decorate a small bathroom. Many of us have a small bathroom, small guest bathroom or small toilets and we have many doubts about how to decorate them so that we can include everything you need, leave free space and also the result is a success. That is, create a perfect small bathroom decor. Well we have several options and all very interesting. We will tell you several tips to design a small bathroom and different decoration ideas   for you to choose the one that seems more appropriate.  When it comes to remodeling and designing a very small bathroom we think that we must carry out a deep analysis of our priorities and, as the renovations cannot be carried out every year

We recommend investing in quality materials that last in perfect condition for a long time and consult to the experts by the decoration of modern half bath remodel. The fashions in decoration change, but we cannot forget that, from time to time, varying some small details we transform the final result and visual effect, so that we can always be with the latest trends. At this moment we will show you how to decorate a small bathroom with trends 2017. The choice of toilets, faucets, bathroom furniture, shelves, mirrors, screens, curtains … will be the key.

It is true that white, light colors and pastels are favorites to decorate small spaces because they have the characteristic of offering a sense of spaciousness, but our idea is to break the white. The walls and tiled half bath remodel in white or light colors. And we add joviality by placing accessories of vibrant colors such as orange, green, lemon yellow, intense pink … We can easily achieve it with towels, curtains or accessories. We can even dare with prints or stripes.