Tranquil And Romantic Interior Stair Remodel

Interior Stair Remodel

Stair remodel – If you have indoor stairs in your house, are more or less large, it is a great solution to decorate them. Sometimes spaces like these or for example the hallway or the entrance to your home, are forgotten or have a poor decoration. Decorating the interior stairs is a great idea to give them a leading role. The complements are a great contribution in the decoration. You can add some touches that please this space, that make it an original or elegant place. A great option is to add a plant. The flowers and the combination with a pretty pot or flowerpot, will give a touch of green and joy to your stairs.

On the other hand, candles around the stair remodel, whether straight or spiral, will give an intimate, tranquil and romantic touch (perfect for Valentine). Try to put candles that are not very tall and also provide a candle holder that covers up without cover. In this way the small candles will be protected and will not go out. Garlands are very decorative for parties and events. They can be of many types; from paper, to flowers or other adornments and beads. The garlands can be bought or made by yourself. For birthdays or even weddings they will look great.

The steps can be painted. If you want to decorate your interior stair remodel do not think only on the railings. You can also place stickers to the steps on the front of them. The painting with a single color or of several colors will look great. You can also create your own designs. Another idea, although a little uncomfortable when cleaning, is to line the steps with carpet. It shelters the floor and is very decorative. But think that when cleaning this, you will have to devote more care.