Top Brick Fireplace Remodel Ideas

Old Brick Fireplace Remodel

Brick Fireplace Remodel – If your old brick fireplace is not the focal point of your home, give it a new look with stone veneer products. The options are endless. You can choose natural stone veneer, the original stone cut into a thin layer. In addition, there is man-made stone veneer which is a cement based product. The cost for man-made stones is less than natural stone, so your budget will help you choose between these two options.

When buying stones you do not forget to buy stones that are made to be installed in the corners of your fireplace face. These stones are sold by linear legs, not with square feet, which are sold on flat rocks. Do not be tempted to save money because of the difference in cost. The stones for the corners are the key to making the job look as realistic as possible. When you check your options for stone products, most manufacturers have brick fireplace remodel available for the top of your fireplace. Also, check out the pieces of stone mantle and keystones that can enhance the overall look of your new fireplace. Remember, you create a new focal point in your home, so choose your choice with this in mind.

Make sure you check the fireplace for cracks or damage. This issue needs to be addressed before you start installing. Also if you have brick fireplace remodel that has been painted you need to remove the paint or the stones will not stick to the old bricks. Good preparation is a must. Good luck with your project. If what you have in your house is an old fireplace, maybe you are considering doing some re-modeling business. You can choose to overhaul the fireplace that requires the replacement of the fireplace inside, or there are other economical and simple ways to complete the fireplace remodel project. There are many unique options for you to choose; each of which will transform your home into a more attractive and fun living space.