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Small Kitchen Remodels – The kitchen, the heart of the home, the meeting point when starting the day, when preparing the evening coffee and where dreams and experiences are shared, should be the most functional place of home since it is a place where life can cook slow, but often must be in a hurry and racing. This kitchen had a point in its favor: the tiles were very nice, the mosaic colorful and with some classic and traditional air, but it had already become monotonous, obsolete and above all, not functional. The cupboards were nowhere to be combined, the doors were already down and space was needed to store.

From a perspective a little more open we can see the two sides of the small kitchen remodels, which have a linear surface so the distribution of furniture has no options other than this form. To each side was installed a furniture of cabinets and cabinets inferiors and superiors, without blocking the natural light because the window is located exactly in the middle of the space. The tone of melamine imitation clear wood helps a lot to keep the place well lit and the completely smooth countertops cause the kitchen to stay clean and invite you to pick up quickly after using it, to continue enjoying it well in its entire splendor. Without color and without a well-defined character, this kitchen urgently required an intervention to be modernized.

The space was quite promising, had plenty of light and the length helped to organize it creatively and functionally. The cabinets and cupboards are made of panels covered in lustrous white and gray melamine, bright and seductive. A lime green wall emphasizes the linearity of the minimalist furniture design. The light of each spot is reflected in each surface, bright, elegant. Barely visible, the old kitchen almost fell to pieces, and it ended when a modern small kitchen remodels was placed in a multi-purpose cabinet along the side wall, hiding the storage space elegantly, absolutely minimalist in the center.