Single Wide Trailer Remodel: Do It Yourself

Single Wide Trailer Remodel Design

Single wide trailer remodel – To remodel single wide trailer, start the old carpet. Use a sharp knife to cut the carpet and carpet pad into manageable sections. Lift staples under carpet with a flathead screwdriver. Sweep and vacuum the floor thoroughly to remove dust and debris left behind. After that, lightly sand the wall panels with high-quality sandpaper and wipe with an anti-static cloth. Print and paint each room. Paint the adjustment of the same color as the wall so that there is no visual disruption in the color. This technique will make rooms in your single-width mobile home look bigger. Remove the lighting fixtures and replace them with new ones.

Choose light fixtures that have multiple brightest light bulbs to make your mobile home single wide trailer remodel simple. Select lighting devices that have the same finish. Choose light fixtures that are identical in areas where all the lights can be seen. As the kitchen, living room and hallways so the look is consistent throughout the mobile home of simple width. Next, return to place windows with energy efficient models. Choose windows without grid-work. So that there is nothing inhibiting your view out of the windows and the light that enters your mobile home. Then, first and paint the cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom.

Paint the cabinets white and install new hardware.  And then, install the new floor. Put the carpet and carpet pad in the rooms. Choose tile for the bathroom and install the laminate flooring in the kitchen, living room and hallway. Select neutral tones for your floor. Keep windows treatments light and airy. Place valances above the windows. So that the bottom of the valance only reaches the top of the window frames. This gives the appearance of taller windows.

Last, install curtains under the skirts. The transparent provide privacy without blocking all the light. Or bring a heavy feeling in your single wide trailer remodel home.