Single Wide Mobile Home Remodel Style

Single Wide Mobile Home Remodel Design Ideas

Single wide mobile home remodel – Due to the way mobile homes are built, there are often revealing differences between a mobile home and a traditional home. Remodeling these differences, you can create a space that looks and feels just like the house you’ve always wanted. As mobile homes do not offer the greatest freedom to move walls and change construction, they focus on remodeling the aesthetic functions that make up the greatest impact. The kitchen and bathroom areas offer an excellent starting point to change the appearance of your mobile home. Simple aesthetic changes such as changing the equipment, taps and lighting accessories can work wonders. But more detailed changes, such as removing old counter-tops and installing granite materials really do make a difference. Also consider replacing cabinet doors with more traditional doors, or painting the cabinets to give them a face-lift.

Single wide mobile home remodel, often it’s the little details that make the difference in a mobile home. If your ceiling allows, it adds lighting, which gives the illusion of a more traditional ceiling. Paint the walls to neutralize the appearance of any vinyl or panel. Use curtains on the windows and carpets on the floors to soften the look of the room. But do not be afraid to face some larger remodeling possibilities, such as replacing the floor with a wood or laminate that flows through all the rooms. Add wall cladding or skirting and moldings to the corners of the roof.

Ideas single wide mobile home remodel, there are several things you can do to make a mobile home look more like a traditional home from the outside. Probably the biggest impact is on gardening. By planting some shrubs around the perimeter of the house and creating a garden area in front of one or both sides of the door, it creates the illusion of a standard home. Plant a tree or two and lay grass to add even more a home feel. If you can, create a walk through your lawn or garden with concrete or rungs that lead from the front door to the curb or parking area.