Simple Garage Remodeling Ideas

Garage Remodeling Ideas Storage

Garage Remodeling Ideas – Remodeling your garage can be relatively simple if you choose to lock the garage door, or more complicated if you prefer to fill an exterior wall of your home. Turn your garage into a games room with some simple fixtures that will not break the bank. Clean the space and remove grease, dirt or grime from the ceiling, walls, and floor. Seal the cracks around the garage door and hang heavy curtains along the length of the inside of the door to cover it. Give the room personality with the color coordination on the walls. Cover the concrete floor with rubber tile style and durability.

Add a ping pong table and billiards on one side of the garage/game room with the TV set systems created on the other side, complete with comfortable sofas and chairs. Transform your garage remodeling ideas into a media room that becomes part of your living room. This remodeling project is more complicated since you have to remove the garage door and build an exterior wall to enclose the room. Take the opportunity to add windows to your new wall to bring more light into the room. Buy curtains that block light to cover all the windows of your press room so you have the option of enjoying movies during the day. Install a projector and hang a movie screen or buy a flat-screen TV.

Lay the carpet tiles on the floor and select chairs and tables for your audience. Depending on the size of your garage, you can also include a small dining area with a bar counter and a popcorn machine set outside the theater area. Include your garage remodeling ideas and remodel in an art room. Add a bench of windows in the new wall of light added storage cabinets with space line at the counter along two of the walls and place two or three tables for individual crafts such as sewing, stained glass or mosaic tiles.