Simple Diy Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

Fireplace Remodeling Ideas Color

Fireplace remodeling ideas – it can be a simple or redo a wide makeover. Go over fireplace designs in home design books to get ideas. It is always possible to simply paint brick, but you can use masonry products or wood moldings to make interesting changes without a big investment. Remodeling fireplace and windows for a unified look will make area much more inviting to sit or entertain. Windows may include translucent coatings. If your fireplace is near large windows by which a visitor can easily see interior of house, consider covering windows with large sections of stained glass or replace them with glass blocks. Giving fireplace a new design might also require taking down window treatments, so it has an extended exterior view of chairs near fireplace.

new materials of chimney must be provided. For example, if your chimney is built of red bricks with white mortar from late 1970s, consider covering chimney with stacked stones or stone veneer. Very fine materials are available, in case you do not have a lot of room to expand dimensions of fireplace remodeling ideas. Stone lining is available in thick sections of two inches, as an option. Look for ways to include shelves by fireplace. If windows are not flanking fireplace, consider building shelves on each side of fireplace. You can install built-in mahogany shelves or shelves made of ceramic or stone-like materials. Books, plants or art objects should improve entire room.

Do not build shelves to store lots of items or fireplace area will look crowded. Plan items that will go on shelves in detailed blueprints before beginning construction of shelves. Areas above mantel can be improved with works of art or mirrors. You can, for example, buy a framed bevelled mirror to hang directly above fireplace remodeling ideas over fireplace. Use proper hardware to support weight of a mirror or framed print. It is also possible to hang rackets or rowing boat oars, for example, over an area of ​​chimney, especially if there is a high roof above your chimney.

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