Simple Carriage House Remodel

Carriage House Remodel Bathroom

Carriage house remodel – We will see simple ways to remodel our house to become modern, we will know the designs and architectural styles of the contemporary structures that will allow to make the necessary changes in the facade and the interior of the house, as well as the domestic equipment to have a house that go along with the times that run. Houses that are very “loaded with unnecessary adornments” have already gone out of style, modern houses are characterized by having a “clean” design of simple lines, we could even consider them as minimalist style, where less is more.

In interior design you can also use this concept, choose simple furniture and construction finishes with simple designs. the old houses are characterized by having small windows, the vains occupy only the space necessary to enter the light, now the modern houses illuminate the interior with large windows or glass curtains, the use of glass blocks has been extended a lot to be used not only in bathrooms but also in kitchens and rooms.  For these reasons if you want to carriage house remodel and make it modern do not forget to enlarge the bays and place an appropriate glass.

On the exterior walls of the house you can apply for example the color gray or white but choose a wall to paint it a strong tone color such as an orange or even a strong green, these colors should apply them to highlight only small areas of the facade. For the interior design also applies this standard, combining furniture of strong color and the whole environment as floors and walls of neutral colors, the effect is of a modern design. Do not think that wood and stone are used only for old houses, we have seen the application of these two materials in modern houses, what makes the difference is the combination of these materials with the style of the carriage house remodel.