Sample Of Garage Remodel Ideas

Detached Garage Remodel Ideas

Garage remodel ideas – Remodeling the garage can be relatively easy if you choose to block the garage door. Or more complicated if you prefer to fill the exterior wall at home. Either way, you can beat the garage to most any kind of room to increase the living and play the space in your home. Game room; Turn the garage into a room with a few simple repairs that will not break the bank. Clean the room and remove grease, dirt or dirt from the ceiling, walls and floors. Seal cracks around the garage door and hang the drapery along the inside of the door to cover. Give room personality with coordinating color on the walls.

Cover the concrete floor with rubber tiles for style and durability. Add a table tennis table or pool table on one side of the garage / game room with TV gaming systems set up on the other side. Complete with comfortable sofas and chairs. Hang a candle over the pool table and place lamps around the rest of the room. Media; The garage remodel ideas transforms a media room that becomes part of your home and living room. This renovation project is more involved you want to remove the garage door and build an exterior wall to attach the room. Take the opportunity to add windows on the new wall to bring more light into the room.

Buy light-blocking curtains to cover all the windows in your garage remodel ideas room media. So you have the opportunity to enjoy movies during the day. Install a projector and hang a movie screen or buy a large flat screen TV. Add carpet tiles on the floor. Choose recliners and tables for the audience viewing. Depending on the garage, you can also take a small dining area with a wet bar and a popcorn machine seen from the theater area. Choose a ’50s diner theme with black and white floor tiles, lots of chrome and twist bar stools.