Pictures Of Bathroom Remodels For Tips And Consideration

Show Pictures Of Bathroom Remodels

Pictures of Bathroom Remodels – We will learn to maximize spaces in the design of the bathroom of small dimensions, useful tips and photos can inspire us to make small changes to our bathroom or project in progress that will surely improve the overall appearance of the bathroom and its functionality, let’s see.

It uses light colors in the tiles or ceramics, even in the areas where the painting goes as the ceiling, this is an old trick but always works to give amplitude to the environments and more when it comes to areas as small as the bathroom. If you put items such as the lavatory, toilet and shower along a wall you can save some money on sanitary facilities.

Do you want a well-lit bathroom? Although now there is a tendency to make bigger windows, in small bathrooms the most recommended is that it is small, this will allow you to place more elements inside the wall, the lighting can be solved with outbreaks or fluorescent (daylight) with more watts of power. If your bathroom is very small do not try to buy large toilets for more that you have liked a lot, it is better to sacrifice this element for functionality like the pictures of bathroom remodels we serve. Preferably choose two colors in the ceramics or have gradients in shades of a single color, the design of small bathroom requires to be also minimalist.

An ideal place to store your towels and other bathroom products is under the sink, in the pictures that we publish below we show different designs. Do not over-dimension the small bathroom door, a standard size is 0.65 meters wide, if it is larger you must take into account the turning radius because it can hit the toilets and spoil the good bathroom design.

The transparent tempered glass doors as you see on pictures of bathroom remodels for the shower or tub, give amplitude to the bathroom. White toilets never went out of fashion, combining them with a good color of ceramics on floors and walls. If the small bathroom window does not allow smells and moisture to be extracted, you can install a bath extractor. These are inexpensive and can help you save on moisture from the walls and eliminate smells quickly.