Making Easy Bathroom Remodel

Easy Bathroom Remodel Concept

Easy bathroom remodel – Light bathroom remodeling usually focuses on making the bathroom appear as updated as possible without making an expensive upgrade. By making a bathroom look fresh and modern, the home looks well-kept, making it easier to sell. A clean and updated bathroom will also increase the overall value of the home in a dense marketplace. But, even if you do not sell your home, you can still want to make bathroom look good.


Take everything from the easy bathroom remodel. Damp the floor and inside the cabinet and drawers. Wash each surface with soap and water. Rinse with distilled water to remove mineral stains and wipe immediately. When making sure the room is as clean as possible, make a list of areas and items that are worn, dated, dyed or need replacing. Unscrew the towel bars, shower curtain bar, curtain bars, and any mounting that is fitted with a screw. Take the mirror. Remove doors and drawers on the cabinet and remove door fittings. Stripe old shelf lining paper and cut old dirt with a knife. Fill and repair all holes in the wall with a flap and a flap. Loosen the face of the power take-off and heat register and all the connection plates and outlet cover.

Select a new color that is modern and updated. To see what colors are in season, look at the current decorator and architectural magazines for inspiration. Paint your roof two shades brighter than your wall color. Use a satin cover for your easy bathroom remodel walls so it is somewhat resistant to moisture. Paint your trim a fresh light white using a semi-glossy trim color. Sand your bathroom cabinet and fill all the hardware holes. Paint your cabinets white or espresso.

Turn off the power to the easy bathroom remodel your bathroom fixtures. When possible, change the sink, shower and bathtub fixtures to an updated finish and modern style. Replacing your countertop over a structurally healthy cabinet is a good update at this point, and generally not too expensive. Cover outdated plastic flooring with vinyl floor tiles that look like stone. Sealed along the trim, tub and toilet seat with fresh sealing. Replace dated towel bars, hinges, curtains and shower rods and other hardware. Add a new mirror that is framed. Place colorful accents and artwork around the bathroom.