Interior Vintage Camper Remodel Ideas

Ceiling Vintage Camper Remodel Ideas

Vintage camper remodels ideas – If you’re vintage RV interior has seen better days, you may want to remodel it. You do not have to remove and replace the walls in your vintage RV to reshape it. Most camper vanes have panels on the walls, as this material holds well during the trip and does not crack. Remodeling your vintage RV during the winter months gives you a do-it-yourself job to keep you occupied. And also prevents you from having to remodel when the camping season is in full swing. So, let’s starting with remove all items from the interior of your vintage camper.

This allows you to have an open space for remodeling without tripping or moving objects around. Measure the floor of the RV with your tape measure. Place the meter on one side of the wall and measure to the opposite side of the wall. Note the size on a notebook and repeat it for the other two walls. Remove your current carpet in the RV. Cut a corner of the carpet and pull until the carpet comes off. Remove all nails and adhesive strips with the hammer, and sweep the floor. Install your new indoor / outdoor carpet in your indoor vintage camper remodel ideas.

Place trays of adhesion along the walls of the RV and set the carpet on them. Secure the carpet according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Clean the walls in your vintage camper remodel ideas with a mild detergent, water and a rag. Which will make your walls appear new and clean? Hang new curtains. This will give a new looked the appearance of the space. Remove the existing hanging curtains in your RV and hang up new curtains, which will refresh the look of the space. Remove the cabinet from the knobs or pulls with your screwdriver. Install new cabinet drawer knobs.