Ideas Painted Brick Fireplace Remodel

Cute Painted Brick Fireplace Remodel

Painted brick fireplace remodel – Natural bricks have their appeal, but if you want to light up your fireplace, the painting of bricks is an option. One thing to remember when painting bricks is that it is porous and will require more paint to complete jobs than paint a wall or the wood surface. The preparation is relatively straightforward, requiring only cleaning and priming. If your brick fireplace is damaged, it’s time to repair it. Clean brick and mortar with a stiff brush and a mild soap. Remove heavy soot or bloom, a white powder that sometimes forms on brick surfaces. Small amounts of soot and bloom will not be a problem, but do not worry if you can not get it all. If you can not remove heavy soot or soiling, use trisodium phosphate (TSP), a strong chemical stain remover.

Painted brick fireplace remodel, when everything is clean, state the state of brick and mortar. If they are crumbling in all areas, make repairs before moving on. Use caulking or spackling for smaller holes and ‘texture’ caulking for large cracks. Allow repaired areas to dry, and sand away any protruding dry pieces of spackle or caulking. Primer and paint, use acrylic easier cleanup and fewer odors. Open windows for good ventilation. Mush brick with water (to prevent bricks from absorbent paint for quick and drying) and apply a coat of acrylic masonry primer. The color of the primer will depend on the paint color you have chosen. If you have chosen a dark or bright color, add some of this paint to primer so that the primer will not show through.

To apply the primer painted brick fireplace remodel, work in sections starting with the top of the fireplace with a paint roller. Cover a 3 foot of 3-foot area and go back with a brush dipped in primer to level drips and fill mortar areas missed by the roller. Use mini roles for more precision. Allow the primer to dry and use a colored acrylic paint, using the same methods you used to apply the primer. Apply another coat of paint if necessary.