Ideas For Sunken Living Room Remodel

Sunken Living Room Remodel Classic

Sunken living room remodel – Partitions are a versatile way of defining and creating spaces in a home. They can be used to create a cozy breakfast room in a kitchen or small dining area in a living room space. You can design a partition to complement wall patterns and colors or have a look of its own. Use ideas to renovate and give a new look to current partitions, or use ideas to create a total makeover.

A sunken living room remodel partitions is to use a technology common to the fair and the theater industry: pipes and draping. Use light metal or plastic PVC pipes to act as the lacquer bar. Create seams wide enough to put the tube. The drapery fabric can be bundled and collected or left flat. Use the same fabric design or mix and match patterns and textures. The partition can drive the distance from floor to ceiling; you can create a short partition or swing and mix the tube and drip partition so you can peek and view inside the living room behind the partition.

Pipe and Glass

An alternative idea of ​​piping and draping is to install polished chrome tubes and glass panels from floor to ceiling for an ultra-stylish modern look. The glass can be clear, frosted or engraved with graphics. This idea sunken living room remodel can be quite effective in modern style home or loft space. It will keep the structure and layout open and flow, yet achieve the overall goal of creating a separated or partitioned space and can be used to rebuild the partition for either a living room.

A simple idea for sunken living room remodel a partition between a living room spaces is to use finished lamella panels and shutters. This technique can be used for either a floor-to-ceiling partition or a counter-top partition on a bar that separates a living room or dining space from the kitchen. The advantage of using slots is that you can create partition rebuilding as a DIY project. The main task is to hang the panels together and install a track on the roof. Wooden doors can be colored and finished or painted to coordinate with room and wall colors. Wide, plantation-style shutters give home space to the room and can be used to decorate styles ranging from country to traditional.

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