Ideas Before And After Fireplace Remodel

Perfect Before And After Fireplace Remodel Ideas

Before and after fireplace remodel – The fireplace is always the focus of an environment. Not only adds dimension and movement to your room, but also warmth. Being such an important element, you cannot forget to decorate the mantel over the fireplace. This space can be difficult to fix, as you need to make sure that the accessories you use will not only combine but also be on the right scale. Follow this simple formula to decorate the mantel in the best way.

Before and after fireplace remodel, the first step is to put a focal piece in the middle of the shelf. The best option is a mirror as it reflects light. This should be large and have a wide frame to excel among the other decorations you will use. If you prefer, you can use a box as well. The picture can be of a landscape, abstract or a favorite work. Make sure the colors match the rest of the room or room decor. You have two options for placing the picture or mirror, you can support it on the shelf, or hang it. If you hang it up, do not put it high up. It should only be about seven inches above the shelf. Remember that when hanging pictures these should be at eye level, so you can enjoy them more.

To create dimension before and after fireplace remodel, the second step is to place smaller boxes in front of the mirror or center box. These should cover the piece a little in the corners and bottom. Use two or three pictures, of different sizes, that are no bigger than a third of the mirror. Instead of pictures you can use photo frames, with photos of your loved ones or relatives. In terms of the frames, in this case they should be thin and not very flashy.