How To Simple Diy Fireplace Remodel

Brick Diy Fireplace Remodel

Diy fireplace remodel – If we showed you examples of reading corners , usually located near the window or near the library , this time, now that we are in the middle of winter and feel like warm, we focus on the decoration of the fireplace . As its name suggests, in this case it is a question of creating a specific environment to sit, lie down or rest in an armchair, chaise longue or rocking chair around the main element: the fireplace. To do this, we must place the seating area close enough so that we get the heat but far enough so that it does not overwhelm. This, of course, if we have a chimney of the classics of all life, with its firewood and its sizzling fire.

Today, however, with modern bioethanol chimneys this problem is minimized, as this type of chimney neither sparks nor propagates smoke. The diy fireplace remodel corner, as well as cozy, is usually tremendously decorative. That is why, sometimes, even if the chimney is not in operation, you can create a space inspired by it if at your side we place some trunks or decorative ceramic elements. Even if we do not have a shot, we can make a false fireplace in plaster and place candles that remember the fire.

The typical elements of the diy fireplace remodel, apart from the above, are basically a seating area (usually one or two armchairs with armrests, but they can also be chairs, seats with footrest or even floor cushions to lie in the heat); a table to put a book or tea cup (when the seat consists of floor cushions we can replace the table by a tray) and some additional decorative element (not many more, a little blanket, the mentioned trunks, some candles …) In classic chimneys we can also decorate the poyete with all kinds of elements, from the most avant-garde (sculptures, minimalist vases) to the most classic ones (candles, photographs, plants, flowers, dry branches …)