How To Achieve The Kitchen Living Room Remodel

Kitchen Living Room Remodel Designs

Kitchen Living Room Remodel – If the living room and kitchen are located in a single room, the space may be cozy and comfortable to organize family gatherings. Even if you do not believe it, combining the living room, kitchen and dining room creates a flexible and open space, but in some cases presents special design challenges. To give unity to the environment, I recommend that the space paint it with a neutral and continuous color, but it is also vital that you choose a wall of the room of prominence before all the decoration and at the same time try that the wall calls the attention to the focal point of the room.

It is very important that the current floor of your room, replace it with a material that is actually consistent throughout the space. Try to make the material work very well for the kitchen, considering that it is resistant to moisture, but it should also be a material that gives the room a warm and comfortable appearance. The most recommended kitchen living room remodel materials are: planks and tiles.

To subdivide the large space and specify its independent functions, it is highly recommended to use the lighting. What is always advised is that you place on the island of the kitchen, beautiful hanging lamps and on the dining table put a nice candelabrum. To light the room area evenly, place a separate light panel or recessed lights.

It is also very important to remind you to try to make the most of natural light, because it is more economical and healthy for the eyes. Taking advantage of this type of natural light is easy and simple, we only have to try that the room has large windows and the walls are painted with light color. In the windows install curtains that are made of transparent or light fabric and that are light colors, since they are perfect to let light pass. Never make the mistake of placing thick and heavy curtains in the windows, because they prevent natural light from entering through the windows. So, it’s best to put aside the heavy curtains of dark colors and opt instead for the light curtains of light colors. That is about kitchen living room remodel.