Fireplace Remodel Before And After By Removing Brick Face

The Different Fireplace Remodel Before And After

Fireplace remodel before and after – Fireplaces with brick faces can be remodeled to give the luminaries a fresh, fresh look. You can replace brick face with different colored bricks, rocks or even a combination of stone and brick. Before you can reface the fireplace, you must first remove the old brick face. While this is not a difficult project to take, it will be extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. Instructions to remodel fireplace before and after by removing brick face: Remove any fireplace tools. Such as brushes and ash pans, along with any personal belongings like images. Put these items in another room to keep them from getting damaged.

Put drop rags over furniture that is at the fireplace to prevent dust from falling on the furniture. Then put rolled foam plastic in front of the chimney. Turn a wheelbarrow into the living room next to the fireplace. Use the wheelbarrow to collect bricks as you remove them one by one. Retrieve cold chisel as well as a 3-lb. hand-sled. Put the tools on the chimney. Then put on a dust mask, work gloves and goggles. Start the end of the brick face on the chimney, furthest away from the combustion chamber. Do not start from the top of the fireplace near or above the hood. You want fireplace remodel before and after is better access to the upper bricks when the bottom of brick face is removed and less likely to be wound from loose bricks.

Adjust the blade of cold chisel against mortar between the corner brick and brick next to it. Strike cold chisel fixed with 3-lb. hand-carriage a few times until the mortar breaks and starts to crumble away. Break out the remaining mortar around the brick then put the released corner brick into the wheelbarrow. Continue along the same row, chisel brick free. Then proceed to the next row going from the end of brick face towards the combustion chamber. When you reach the combustion chamber, free chisel bricks from top to bottom, place them in the wheelbarrow as you go. And you can see how the different of this fireplace remodel before and after now.

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