Bungalow Remodel Design And Ideas

Bungalow Remodel Design

Bungalow remodel – Give a bungalow a stylish appearance by mixing new materials with age. Keep the old window frames, built-in cabinets and wooden floors, for example. The character of the house should be preserved while adding modern appliances, facilities and fresh paint. A bungalow typically has a floor of flowing rooms along with limited or no hallways. However, some bungalows have a second floor, with one or two rooms under a raised roof. Improve the first floor to fit well with the second floor rooms by planning upgrades and colors that blend well on both levels.

Ideas bungalow remodel, look for ways to improve the overall design. Please note that one of the front doors of a bungalow usually opens directly into the living room. Create a small foyer by building a 4-foot dividing wall between the living room and the front door. Add a partial wall to separate a kitchen and living room that are totally open to others. Build a bar with stools, leaving the open top of the wall, for example. Update of walls and windows that make use of features that characterize bungalows. Choose neutral shades of green paint for walls with moldings of natural wood, which they leave in place, for example. Leave old window frames with their original wood finish, plus add energy-efficient windows. Install a new gypsum board or gypsum board on the top half of the bedroom walls, but stop old dashboard panels on the bottom walls. Remove old window treatments and install simple wood blinds.

Bungalow remodel designs, improve the kitchen, which is usually not very large in a bungalow. Use lighter cabinets and paint on top walls to make the kitchen look more spacious. Paint old white top walls, for example. Leave existing wood cabinets, if well made, like base cabinets. Buy stainless steel appliances and light upper deck material. Install the light colored tile floor to reflect more light as well. Add a skylight to the kitchen to increase natural light.