Best Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Elegant Galley Kitchen Remodel Before And After

Galley kitchen remodel before and after – To begin with the reform of a kitchen it is important to consider the surface of the room and if possible expand it by removing some intermediate wall or simply opening a window or door, even close it if the space is too large and is wasted. The kitchen is one of the most complicated places of the house when designing, since it stores endless things, food, utensils, tools and substances that should not be at the hand of anyone. But at the same time it is very versatile since it can be organized by means of modules or cells that can vary in size and order, so if the space destined for the kitchen is small, long, square, curved or with angles and corners, it is something modular shelves and take the challenge to create interesting designs without losing functionality.

Modern galley kitchen remodel before and after is perceived small and compact and, although at first glance seems very functional, it is not. Apparently it was tried to separate the kitchen area and the dining room by means of a half wall that does not even work as a bar. The L-shaped design and the corner stripe make food handling uncomfortable, leaving very little room for preparation. On the other side of the half wall was installed another cupboard, separated from the kitchen, and apparently not enough because there are many things on the floor.

It is the same space that was before, the galley kitchen remodel before and after and the dining room, but well used. Firstly, they changed the color of the whole place: walls, sky, floor and furniture to a perfect white to multiply the light that enters the bottom windows. The details in wood tones are few and accurate, just to give a color accent to the room. Secondly, the half-wall was demolished rather than serving, limiting functions, lighting and fluidity. The new design consists of a linear kitchen with enough room to store, store and prepare food before being brought to the stove. The space was opened to such a degree that it is now possible to place a small preparation table at the other end of the room.

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