Basement Remodels Tips And Considerations

Basement Remodels With Low Ceilings

Basement Remodels – Remodeling the basement seems easy, but unless the house is almost new, observe these tips to renovate the basement because most basements are not determined to transform into living spaces later. Even so, most of the challenges you face when remodeling the basement can be overcome with planning and a creative mind.

Building codes require the existence of safe and accessible exit routes in emergencies, especially if the basement to be renovated will have a sleeping room. A common requirement is a window opening that is large enough to be able to exit through it and offers an easy access at floor level. A common solution when remodeling the basement is to make a cut in the foundation and build a well for the escape window.

One of the most important tips for basement remodels is to identify any source of moisture or water intrusion and eliminate it. This can be achieved by digging around the foundation and applying an external drainage system to install a drainage system on the inner perimeter or simply plugging a small crack with hydraulic cement. And do not forget to check the top plumbing: Cold water copper pipes can “sweat” profusely in hot climates and can ruin the basement ceilings. Placing insulation in the pipes is a simple solution to this problem.

Another of the most important tips to remodel the basement is to identify hazardous materials. Many basements contain materials such as asbestos to seal joints in pipes or paint with lead. Take the time to identify all possible hazards and contact hazardous material removal professionals to analyze samples of the material and make sure that there is no danger.

Take a consideration on drainage for the basement remodels. You can build a bathroom in almost any basement, but sometimes the cost and inconvenience are many. Several times, you can eliminate a portion of the concrete part and add new waste pipes to current ones, but only if they are wide enough to accommodate adequate drainage inclination.