Appealing Kitchen Remodel Pictures With Rustic Style

Cabinet Kitchen Remodel Pictures

Kitchen remodel pictures – The rustic decoration has taken over the interior of many homes, previously this was characteristic of the country houses, but now can adapt to any space and place, such as the kitchen. Among the many decorative styles, the rustic is one of the most durable and resistant, as they use materials such as stone, cement, wood, and brick, among others.  If you consider yourself a fan of this trend, we will leave you nine ideas of beautiful kitchens that take this theme, the idea is that you can adapt it to your space and even combine it with other elements, whether modern, vintage, or classic to give you your own original seal with which you identify

This is certainly a kitchen with a truly rustic style, from the floor, the walls, to the bar were made with materials such as bricks, cement and white stone that is the protagonist on the kitchen remodel pictures island that steals all eyes. The shabby chic is a decorative trend that goes hand in hand with the rustic style, thanks to both using the same range of materials but with a more delicate touch. As we see a way to soften the use of tiles like this terracotta, it is with smooth wood in light tones and white furniture.

To give a very homey detail to a rustic kitchen, a good tip is to place tiles with colorful patterns throughout the floor; these are the perfect contrast of the stone of the dashboards. The rustic decoration tends to be very cold, so a good idea to soften it and give it some warmth from home is to place wooden shelves but painted, they may be the color you prefer to contrast the colors of kitchen remodel pictures. Here we used gray lead, which stands out with the tableware and wall, but you can also opt for brighter colors like red or other.