Affordable Diy 10×10 Kitchen Remodel

10×10 Kitchen Remodel Cabinet

10×10 kitchen remodel – Reduced space is a challenge when it comes to renovation and remodeling, and a 10-by-10 kitchen is no exception. It is possible to make small spaces look bigger with a little lighting techniques and creative design ideas without complications – without having to be an interior decorator to do so. Choose light color paint. White is always a good choice, neutral color, bringing more light in a small area of ​​the kitchen. Bright pastels are alternatives to white paint. Stay away from the dark colors or busy color schemes and keep it simple. Choose kitchen furniture in light colors and light colored floors to create the illusion of more space in the kitchen.

Return to place bulky cabinets. Instead of large and thick wood cabinets, consider replacing the top cabinets with thin cabinets that come all the way up to the ceiling. This maximizes storage space while improving the appearance of 10×10 kitchen remodel. For even greater illusion of space, replace wooden cabinet doors with transparent glass doors. Select tiles or vinyl in diagonal patterns. Having tiles placed in a diagonal pattern, or vinyl floors with a similar pattern, makes a kitchen look bigger and is an effective way to improve the appearance of space and opening a small kitchen.

Add shelves embedded in the walls. This minimizes the need for furniture and add memory capacity – something that every kitchen can benefit from. Choose efficient lighting. Recessed lighting is a smart alternative to large butcher-block lights and adds space in the kitchen, giving more ceiling height. Kitchen with lots of light sits bigger. Choose reflective surfaces. Solid surface counters such as granite or marble offer reflection properties, expanding the appearance of a room. Stainless steel appliances provide the same effect. 10×10 kitchen remodel is expensive in large and small alike kitchens. Plan a budget before undertaking any remodeling project.