12 Garage Remodels: Which Is Best For Your Home?

Built In Garage Remodels

Garage remodels – Garage is a word adapted from French to Spanish and means: place covered to store automobiles. In Mexico, it is also known as a carport, at least in center of country, you how do you say? … Garages have a regular sliding or raised door, but there are also open, any design and size is valid, depending of budget and space. Also, there are those that are really different and original to designs of garages that we are accustomed to seeing daily or those that are not only used to store car, but also as a workshop, storage place or exercise area.

Regardless of how you use a garage, you always have to investigate and get a little inspired on subject, before designing our garage or garage remodels one we already have. A garage design, facing future, ergonomic and aerodynamic. It fulfills function of protecting car, but also of showing our brand new vehicle to neighbors. Ideal for all types of home, as it is a construction totally separate from rest. What you need is extra patio space and a lot of energy and desire to clean glass every weekend.

If land where your house is built is small, best option is a garage attached to house. What do you think of that? It is open but discreet and simple. It draws attention to integration in space and use of it. It should be noted here that colors of structure are same as those of cream and black auto, and perfectly match house, creating a harmonic ensemble. Now, forbidden to change cars!

If you prefer garages integrated in house, this option is for you. In this detached house garage communicates directly with house, forming part of volume of services of building after service room. So with a design like this, you do not need to leave your house to get into car, you just open door to laundry room and you’re in your car. A compact and integrated garage remodels, garage door is automatic and tilting, which is one of most popular options, occupying as little space as possible.