Lonely – Reviews

“Kudos to Emily White for having written that rare book which feels both necessary and evolutionary. Lonely is a masterwork on the topic, a memoir of deep insight and revelation.”

–Alice Sebold

“An astonishingly forthright work by a Canadian lawyer traces her painful personal journey through chronic loneliness in light of social taboos and changing cultural and medical notions….White plunged into research on the subject, revealing studies about the alienating nature of modern society and the health risks of chronic loneliness. White’s work is brutally honest as she emphasizes that loneliness is not the same as depression.”

–Publishers Weekly

“In her new, groundbreaking book, Emily White makes a startlingly brave confession: for a long stretch of her thirties, she was acutely lonely…[White is] a dogged researcher, engaging narrator, and elegant thinker.”

–Anne Kingston, Macleans

“Emily White has provided an absolutely first-rate discussion of loneliness…. Lonely is the single best source for understanding loneliness of which I know. I strongly recommend it to anyone concerned with loneliness in any way.”

– Professor Emeritus Robert S. Weiss, University of Massachusetts-Boston

“A fascinating and easily digested book…[A]s you get further and further into this brave work–you think it’s easy telling someone you’re lonely? Try it sometime–you appreciate the astonishing depth and breadth of White’s research.”

– Toronto Star

“One of the things White does so well is make her struggle with loneliness engagingly readable….For anyone who’s ever struggled with loneliness, either situationally or chronically, White’s thorough investigation normalizes what you’re feeling.”

– Telegraph Journal

“For anyone who has experienced loneliness (and who hasn’t?) or wants to know about loneliness, Lonely is a fascinating, informative, and highly intelligent read. I recommend it highly.”

– Professor Daniel Perlman, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

“A sophisticated inquiry… The power of White’s story comes from the sweeping investment she has made in tracking and tackling her loneliness–an investment that has included Jungian analysis, hypnotherapy, bike trips, Internet dating, and much more. White makes the case that loneliness deserves attention and respect as a legitimate condition.”

– Kirkus Reviews

“A deeply insightful text, Emily White’s very personal and moving story about her experience of loneliness is passionate yet factual. By providing scientific explanations for her experience of loneliness, she succeeds in writing a book that is more than a simple self-help guide, offering hope to anyone suffering from this debilitating condition that solutions are possible.”

– Professor Mima Cattan, Northumbria University-Newcastle upon Tyne

“[A]n impassioned call to arms on behalf of a condition no one wants to talk about.”

- Jezebel.com

“Excellent…One of the most fascinating chapters explores the rise in chronic loneliness in recent decades.”

-The New Yorker

“Lonely succeeds in shedding light on a growing human dilemma that has for too long been kept in the dark.”

-Venus Magazine

“Lonely delves into the mind of its suffering author and takes the reader to a deeply personal place. White may be reserved in real life, but she’s fully open on the page.”

-Body & Soul