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I am rapidly changing direction when it comes to feedback. Online feedback works really well for some books (Gretchen Rubin’s *The Happiness Project* uses online feedback exclusively), but it’s not working for me. I find I get curious about people’s posts, and I want to follow up, and I’d really, in the final analysis, just rather be having a conversation.

So I’m now seeking interviewees for a series of questions about place, loneliness, and belonging. The questions will range from home, to neighbourhood, to city, and will examine what these places mean to you. How do you create a sense of home when living alone? Do you feel embedded in your neighbourhood? Does your city feel cold to you? Do you fantasize about moving to the country? Or have you moved to the country only to find yourself cut off and alone?

The questions will be wide-ranging. We can talk about what’s most important to you.

Remember: I change all identifying details, so no one will know it’s you. This has worked in the past and it’s an approach I’m comfortable with.

I can call or Skype you anywhere in the world. If you’re interested in participating, please just send me a note. And, two quick follow up points: If you’ve already sent me comments by email, but are in the mood for a talk, we can just pick up where your comments left off. Also, if  you have emailed me in the past to say that you’d be happy to participate in future research, please note that I’m not ignoring you! It’s just hard of me to keep track of individual comments. I *do* want to hear from you!

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2 Responses to “Seeking phone interviews”

  1. I'm Lonely Too said:

    Hi Emily- I’m interested in participating in your research…thank you so much for writing your book, “Lonely”. I feel less lonely and ashamed having this book and learning about chronic loneliness…it’s a relief to have this condition articulated so clearly and compassionately.


  2. I have a suggestion. Why don’t the people from Toronto all meet somewhere and have a discussion. Also, I’m willing to participate in your research.

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