OK for interviews

I’m now full up for the first phase of interviews. You know what that means? It means you guys ROCK! I’m going to be conducting running interviews over the course of the next several months, so please keep your eye on this blog, as there will be plenty of chances for “jumping in” on different subjects. The book is weaving and winding and slowly taking shape. Feedback helps, so many thanks.

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One Response to “OK for interviews”

  1. A friend gave your book ‘Lonely’ to me earlier this year and it was a relief to see someone put down in print what has been my reality for decades. I am in my early forties and even though I am very social, well educated, and people-savvy – and in a job that requires me to be both social and connected (church ministry in a rural context) – I wrestle with crippling loneliness. I live and work in a very family oriented, deeply ‘clan connected’ community and moved into it as a professional, hired outsider. As a single person here, I have more opportunities for casual consistent contact than I ever had in the city, as well as more full social life, but I am still an outsider whose profession sets her apart and whose unmarried status makes her an object of curiousity (benevolent for the most part; if I was a male, it likely wouldn’t be). I seem to be dipping into a mid-life grief struggle over my single and very lonely status, wrestling with the reality of not having a partner or children, both of which I very much wanted. I find myself beginning to become short-tempered and uninterested in other people’s pain, and my love for and practice of writing for pleasure has died. I guess the closest metaphor I can come up with would be a form of emotional and spiritual starvation.

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