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  1. Iamnotabozo said:

    I work with the public in a sometimes “toxic” atmosphere and I learned a long time ago that I had to have a refuge. I am single, work and rent an apartment in downtown Toronto so I do take extra care in my home. I use candles, I buy myself flowers, light incense and purposefully decorate. If I feel that I have been alone too long in the house I go out walking and distract myself from thinking about myself. In downtown Toronto that is an easy thing to do and I sometimes go out and walk from morning to evening and I see more single people ,out and about then couples with kids. At the end of the day after being distracted and abstracted a thousand times I am glad to get back to my apartment. I know I will be retiring soon and won’t be able to afford to live in the core so I have been looking for another place. I have lived in this area for forty years and it is a neighbourhood and there is community events and activism which is essential for community.

    Hope this helps Emily.

  2. Iamnotabozo said:

    I think I have a warm, cofy, inviting home and it does help turn lonliness into solitude. I have never felt I have had to run out of my home to escape lonliness and I find it is easier to push lonliness out of my mind when feeling at ease with my surroundings. The same think happens to me when I am in nature. The nagging lonliness is still there but not as pronounced. Living in a neighbourhood where I see and greet the same people all the time is extremely important to help alleviate my lonliness. A small chat over a newly planted garden can do wonders. Choosing isolation I think is a serious problem for lonely people.

  3. I feel a home has to be a refuge, even tho I realize I’m spending too much of my life making it comfortable to visit, for friends and family I don’t have many of. Early on I kept moving, all over the country and across the world, but wherever I went I still felt alone. I do feel at home in this area where I grew up and have returned to at 50… in the landscape [and climate] more than in the community which has changed so much.

  4. Just reading the book and pondering. With regards to ‘place’, I am lonely and alone everywhere, BUT I do crave getting home to my own place when having been with people. So although always lonely , I default to being alone, because in the end it is easier for me than to cope socially.
    Yes I have depression anxiety and BPD-but still need my own place and to be alone most of the time.
    Appreciate your book.

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